About the CFPI

Our mission

The Campaign for Public Infrastructure (CFPI) is a Social Enterprise committed to promoting the importance of robust civic infrastructure. Through research, advocacy, and public engagement, the CFPI works towards creating sustainable and inclusive communities across the UK.

Following the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing lockdown action, the CFPI believes that the UK can define a new social contract that encourages community participation in public space.

Various aspects of civic architecture have suffered and diminished as a product of funding concerns amongst central and local authorities, a lack of political will, and the absence of community engagement. The CFPI is working to reverse that trend.

Our team

CFPI advocates include our staff team, and our brilliant network of volunteers.


Campaigners make our work possible. Perhaps you are an individual with particular health needs suffering from the decline of public toilet provision, or a business operator struggling to encourage footfall due to unappealing public space, join our activist network.


Our staff  team boasts experience throughout public and government affairs on behalf of private and third sector advocacy groups. CFPI staff have worked in local government for large combined authorities, for political parties, and in both Houses of Parliament.

The CFPI values honesty and frank feedback, and work collaboratively and creatively to identify new ways to advocate for our network. The CFPI is an equal opportunities employer. We value diversity and building a team that represents a range of backgrounds and perspectives. The more inclusive we are, the better our work will be.