The CFPI’s letter to newly elected Councillors


CFPI's letter to Councillors following the 2023 Local Elections

The following letter was sent to those elected in the 2023 Local Elections, calling on them to prioritize the improvement of community spaces and public infrastructure.

5th May 2023

Dear Councillor,

Congratulations on your recent election and for taking on this important responsibility. As you begin your new role, we would like to draw your attention to the importance of the public and civic facilities necessary for healthy, thriving communities.

Public infrastructure, such as parks, libraries, and toilets, are essential for building a sense of community, promoting health and well-being, and supporting local economies. These spaces bring people together, creating opportunities for social interaction.

Unfortunately, public infrastructure has been chronically underfunded and neglected in many areas of the UK. This has resulted in the closure of public facilities, the deterioration of community spaces, and declining engagement with our neighbours.

You will have spoken to many in your community on the lead up to this election. You will have learned how generous people are with their time, and how important it is to them that their community is treated with respect and ambition.

I urge you to listen to them and make community infrastructure a priority on your council. Work to secure the necessary resources to maintain and improve these spaces, and ensure that they are accessible to everyone. 

It won’t always work. So be honest about the daily sacrifices that local authorities make to deliver for their constituents. If assets are in danger, explore alternative pathways, including the National Lottery Community Fund, the Government’s Community Ownership Fund, and don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.

The CFPI advises councils and community groups on funding public infrastructure through charitable, public, and private sources. Visit for more information.

By gaining a council seat, you have been given an opportunity to stop the decline of public space and invest in the health and wellbeing of your community.  


The Campaign for Public Infrastructure